Privacy Policy

Pain Map is owned and run by True Physio Ltd.

The data controller for True Physio Ltd is Andrew Byrne who can be contacted on e-mail at, phone on 0161 972 0512 or at 20 Eastway, Sale, Cheshire, M33 4DX.

True Physio handles data for the purposes of providing professional services. This is extended to Pain Map whereby data is handled for the purposes of providing information to users, recommending local Therapists and allowing for contact of the user by recommended Therapists with the user’s explicit consent. 

Individuals registered with us prior to 25th May 2018 will automatically continue to receive information from us via e-mail that we feel will be useful and interesting to them, but may opt out of this at any time. Those individuals registered for the first time with us after 25th May 2018 will be asked on registration to opt in to receiving this information. We promise to only send information to our users that we think they will find useful or that they might be genuinely interested in.

On occasion and with the express consent of the individual, we will share the minimum necessary information with Recommended Therapists. In giving your consent for us to share this information, you are agreeing that your minimum necessary data, held securely on our server, will be shared solely with the Recommended Therapist. 

True Physio also holds staff data which is covered in the Employee Data Privacy Notice.

A limited number of our staff will have access to user data for the purposes of providing professional services. All staff are required to attend regular Data Protection training to ensure compliance with the guidelines relating to that and specifically confidentiality.

We use Amazon Web Services which holds all data. The company is bound by strict security and privacy rules to keep data safe and confidential, and all information is kept securely within the UK. No data is shared with any other companies, with the exceptions listed above. 

Demographic data is kept electronically indefinitely for the purposes of improving customer services, and to provide on-going useful information. 

Users of Pain Map can request that all their electronic information be removed at any time and we will carry out this request within 48 hours. Pain Map users may also request access to the information we hold about them. This should be submitted in writing (email is acceptable), and we will provide the information within 48 hours.

Pain Map users may object to direct marketing and may opt out of this at any time without affecting other services.

If you are concerned or would like to complain regarding use of data, you can contact Andrew Byrne in the first instance, or you may register a complaint directly with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Provision of information is done voluntarily, but some contact information is required for the logistics of providing services. Some medical information is also required to ensure that treatment is appropriate and safe. Failing to provide data regarding medical conditions when requested, can result in serious medical consequences.

If you have any queries regarding this policy, or how data will be handled, then please contact Andrew Byrne on the contact details at the start of this policy.