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How To Get Into The Habit Of Doing Rehab or Pain Relieving Exercises

We've all been there.  Someone recommends you do an exercise or try changing something that should you sort a particular problem.

For the first set of exercises you convince yourself that you’ll stick to them and do them regularly. You might even make it through the first day doi...

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How Can I Set Up My Home Office To Avoid Neck And Back Pain?

With so many people now working from home, we get a lot of people asking us about how they can set up their office to avoid getting back and neck pain.

We’ve seen lots of people who have been really creative with how they’ve set up their home working spaces. We’ve had people sitti...

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Rest Isn't Always Best

Lockdown because of COVID has meant an enforced rest from all sorts of activities for a lot of us. Some had to stop going to the gym.  Or stop walking as much.  Some stopped sitting in traffic jams or having long train commutes to work.

A lot of the patients we’re seeing in ...