Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll be asked a series of questions to understand your issue. These questions have been devised by highly experienced Physiotherapists who have assessed thousands of people during their careers. They’ve used the same questions they ask their patients in clinic to work out what the problem is without seeing you. The questions you get asked depend on your answers and that helps us come up with a likely diagnosis of your problem. Please note, this is not intended to replace an assessment by a GP, Physiotherapist or other qualified healthcare professional. However, the idea is that you’ll get much more accurate and specific advice by going through our checker, than you will by searching on Google for example.

Pain Map was designed to help people find a solution to their pain. So often, people put up with pain because they don’t know what to do to fix it, or it seems too hard to fix it. We’ve tried to take away as many obstacles as possible. To make it as easy as possible to find simple, but accurate and specific advice to your problem. And, give you some solutions for how you can start to tackle the pain straight away.

You’ll get a likely diagnosis, information about that problem, and some basic advice and exercise that you can try straight away that should help reduce your pain. You’ll also get advice on which products you could buy that would help your condition. Finally, if we have an approved Therapist in your area, you’ll be given their contact details and asked if you’d like them to contact you to discuss your issue further and how they can help you.

This is so that we can recommend the best expert in your area who will be able to help you with your pain. It is not used for anything other than making sure we’re recommending someone close to you. Recommending an expert 50 miles away isn’t any use.

Nothing at all. The service is completely free. You’ll get your likely diagnosis and advice, totally free of charge. Obviously the products we recommend have a fee and if you decide to see an expert, then there will be charge there, but Pain Map doesn’t charge you anything to use it. We wanted to take away as many obstacles as possible to getting great advice on pain, and making it free was a big part of that.

There is a stringent application and interviewing process to make sure that only the best Therapists are on our site. We look for Therapists who understand how important their role in helping their patients is, and take that responsibility very seriously. That way, you can be sure you’ll be in safe hands. If you’re not completely satisfied with your care from one of our approved Therapists, we urge you to let us know via the feedback form you receive after you complete the symptom checker. That way we can investigate and remove an expert from our list if they’re not giving high quality care.

No, but it is the best way to get specific advice to you. You can access all our advice videos here {LINK} but we would recommend you work through the symptom checker to ensure the advice you get from us is as accurate as possible and specific to your problem

Absolutely not. Pain Map is a tool that we hope you find useful to guide you to more relevant information and advice than you’d otherwise find. However, it is not designed to replace seeing a Healthcare professional. In some instances we may recommend this during the symptom checker depending on how you answer questions. However, definitely if your symptoms are not improving, or are worsening then we’d always recommend you see a Healthcare professional

You can, definitely, but sadly we won’t have a recommended therapist in your area (yet) or have products available for you to buy (yet). You will still be able to get a probable diagnosis and some basic advice to help you so it’s definitely still worth doing.

As soon as someone completes the symptoms checker and lives somewhere without a recommended Therapist, we start work trying to find one for you. We’re relatively new so our network doesn’t cover everywhere yet. As soon as we find someone who meets our standards, we’ll let you know.