About Pain Map

Pain Map has been created because too many people just put up with pain.  It’s often because they don’t know what to do about it or they can’t get the right advice when they need it.

Having been Physiotherapists for many years, we’ve seen tens of thousands of patients who suffered in pain for far longer than they needed to, because they didn’t want to bother their doctor, or go to a Physio too soon, or didn’t have a clue what to do.

Pain Map changes that.  In a few minutes, having answered a few questions, we can give you a likely diagnosis and explain what that means.  We’ll give you advice and some exercises to start on.  We’ll show you some cheap products you can use to feel better fast, and we’ll recommend someone local to you who can help you if you decide you want to get help now.

Our dream is that now, instead of anyone just putting up with pain, everyone will be able to get the basic information and advice that can often help them reduce their own pain.  Although if you do decide to see our Recommended Therapist, there will be a fee, the diagnosis, advice and exercises are all completely free.  Making this information accessible to as many people as possible was really important to us.

Despite being Physiotherapists for a long time, Pain Map is new.  If you spot any glitches, or have any feedback, please do get in touch on our “Contact page” so that we can improve.  That way, you’ll be helping us, help more people in pain.

We hope we can help you.